Inventor's GuideInvention Patent Information: A how-to guide to patent your invention.

Everything you need to evaluate, patent, and license your invention. The comprehensive invention and patent information and proven techniques contained within our practical and methodical guide will literally save you thousands in wasted dollars.

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If you are serious about doing something about your invention, please take a moment to browse our information pages to understand how The Essential Inventor's Guide can be instrumental to your success.

The Essential Inventor's Guide's complete and in-depth information will show you how to patent and make your invention happen. Developed by a successful inventor for inventors, the step-by-step information contained within The Essential Inventor's Guide will teach you:

  • How to evaluate whether or not to patent your invention
  • How to perform an invention patent search
  • How to write a U.S. utility patent for your invention
  • How to license your patented invention

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Please feel free to download The Essential Inventor's Guide's free companion Patent Application Workbook (MS Word format) containing useful tools and a pre-formatted patent application template.

Patent Application Workbook

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