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The innovation of independent entrepreneurs and inventors like you are the life-blood of any nation that nurtures free enterprise.  Patenting your invention should not cost you a fortune, and neither should obtaining the information on how to do so.  Our mission is to provide affordable means to evaluate, patent, and license your invention.

We have only one measure of success - Yours.

One of InventionPatentInformation.com’s key objectives is to help inventors avoid scams.  While few genuinely useful guides to patent and license your invention are available (and none as affordable and efficient as The Essential Inventor’s Guide), there exist a multitude of organizations providing patent and marketing/licensing services.  Sadly, these services are expensive and provide little real help.  The best of these aspire to make their overstated claims real.  Most, however, are outright cons.

You will also see a few "free" guides offered around the internet. Look closely at the add copy. Invariably you will find such guides do little more than talk around the subject, but provide little of the real meat you need to get the job done.  These guides are, in effect, marketing brochures for expensive services in disguise.  The intent of The Essential Inventor’s Guide is to provide you everything you need to create your own quality patent down to a pre-formatted template - there are no hooks.

By their ambitious and optimistic nature, inventors tend to be vulnerable to predation.  By providing no-nonsense information to inventors on how to successfully patent and license your inventions on your own, we hope to steer you away from those who would prey on your hopes and dreams.

The Essential Inventor's Guide

Everything you need. Informative and to the point. NO HYPE!
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There is simply no better, more direct, or more cost effective resource for information to patent and license your invention.

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