Which Invention Patent Guide is Right for You?

Inventors & attorneys differ in perspective on the invention patent process

If you look around, you will surely be able to find one other popular guide that will tell you how to write a patent application for your invention on your own (You will find a plethora that are shameless marketing brochures in disguise, or really only cover very basic provisional applications).

Naturally you will be wondering which guide is right for you.

There are two really good patent self-help guides out there (naturally, we are proud that The Essential Inventor's Guide is one of them), If it is these that you are comparing, the answer really is both.  They are unique and distinct.

There does exist another guide by Attorney David Pressman which is well worth having in your library.  This helpful and very thorough guide provides excellent guidance to the specific topic of invention patenting.  This guide provides thorough insight into the patent process from a patent attorney's perspective.

Recognize, however, that:

The Essential Inventor's Guide is written by an inventor from the unique perspective of one who has accomplished exactly what you are now perhaps setting out to do.  It covers in comprehensive step-by-step detail the steps and strategies to write a good US utility patent, addressing more than requirements and law, but specific techniques to accomplish the task efficiently, using MS Word (or equivalent).  The Essential Inventor's Guide covers not just the process of applying for a US patent, however, but outlines in detail the entire process of how to make a new invention successful, and specifically how to make a new invention successful on a limited budget.

The Essential Inventor's Guide

Everything you need. Informative and to the point. NO HYPE!
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There is simply no better, more direct, or more cost effective resource for information to patent and license your invention.

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