Can I really write my own US utility patent?

Use our step-by-step guide to learn how to write a quality US Patent Application

The answer is absolutely YES!

Inventors like you learn how to and write their own patents all the time.  To write a quality patent, a thorough and comprehensive understanding of the subject invention is vital.  While patent attounies are experts at how to write a patent, no-one understands an invention like the inventor.  Thus, regardless of whether or not you elect to use an attorney, you the inventor must still write most of the patent application.  If you do ultimately involve an attorney, you can save 90% of the cost by first learning how to write a patent, thereby reducing his/her job primarily to editing.

There is, indeed, much to know, but learning how to write a quality US utility patent is much easier than you may think, and you can go far simply by finding a good example patent to use as a reference.  You will be surprised to find, however, that most patents in the art are not good current examples (and the rules do evolve over time).  How can you tell the difference unless you invest a little time to learn the basics?

Do you know the difference between "comprising" and "comprised of"?  Well, according to US patent law, when you write patent claims, if your invention turns out to be worth $100M, the answer is just about $100M!  One cardinal rule when you write patent claims is to NEVER write "comprised of", because if you claim "a widget comprised of a dohicky, fiddlestick, and spankmeyer", all someone would have to do is add one additional watchamacallit and your patent wouldn't apply.  But if you wrote "a widget comprising a dohicky, fiddlestick, and spankmeyer", your patent would cover anything containing those three elements, regardless of what else was added on.  Whether or not you choose to purchase "The Essential Inventor's Guide", at least hopefully we've saved you from that one.

The Essential Inventor's Guide was created by an inventor/author because it's your invention, and you shouldn't have to pay a lawyer a fortune to not have it taken from you.  The Essential Inventor's Guide will teach you in a methodical write-as-you-learn step-by-step style how to write a quality US utility patent.  You'll learn easy strategies for how to write every section of the patent application, including the all-important claims, in addition to comprehensive techniques to evaluate your invention for patentability and marketability, perform a patent search, draft conforming drawings, and license your patent-pending invention.

The Essential Inventor's Guide

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